Icwri Script - A Lightweight Service Oriented Java(TM) Built-in Script

Icwri is a lightweight service oriented Java built-in script. It is a very simple script. It can help Java developers to build some applications interfaces and tools in a service oriented style. It can also help non-technical people to join the development team to write their own application scripts to enforce business rules and decisions. It can also be a good assistant language for Java developers.

Icwri service providers and consumers can be either Icwri scripts or Java classes. Icwri script can run all alone. But my primary purpose to invent Icwri script is to have an assistant language of Java.

Icwri can run on any system (UNIX/Linux, Windows, Mac, …) with JDK/JRE 1.5 or above installed. Icwri does not support Java SE 6 Script Engine because the service oriented design and the requirement to support Java SE 1.5 users.



Following are major resource URL’s of Icwri Script:

Following are tools by Icwri Script:



Thanks for Your Interest in Icwri

Coding, testing, helping to answer questions and making documents are all appreciated. Welcome to contact liurui@lrsolution.com to report defects and tell your suggestions.

-- Liu Rui